A song that I wrote in 2009. Two children taking the day to escape the fear and sadness of a mining disaster in the town.

Today we’ll go to Guyandotte
by the water we will play
at the fishing hole we’ll skip our stones
and perhaps we’ll sail away

Children cry and black dogs howl
as the wait the light of day
When we all walk down to earth’s black hole
and hold each other and pray

As we leave our sadness at the door
for the gleeful times we yearn
we hope that sorrow will have fled
be gone when we return

Oh but what were something could be done
to help the sadness flee
so that when we walk to earth’s black hole
with open arms we will be

And tomorrow ‘for the morning light
in the darkness damp and cold
we will once more gather at the gate
and weep by the earth’s black hole